VŠCHT - How Lab IT Accelerates Pharmaceutical Research

Datum konání: Středa, 8. duben 2015

How Lab IT Accelerates Pharmaceutical Research

When:    On Wednesday 8th April 2015

Time:    14:30 - 16:00    

Room:   Building A - Hall AI 

Where:   VŠCHT, Technická 5, Prague 6, map



  • Information Technology (IT) is critical to collaborative research activities at MSD.
  • Scientists need proficiency and understanding of software to help them be creative and innovative.
  • IT connects many scientific disciplines to answer larger questions that ultimately lead to new therapies and new drugs.



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Allan Ferguson Ph.D.

Allan has a chemistry background with a PhD in spectroscopy and theoretical chemistry, and has worked for Energy, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Software companies in the UK and USA. With Merck beginning in 2002, Allan championed the introduction of standard scientific software for use globally across the company. Most notably he introduced the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which reshaped the informatics environment by, making all Merck research activities sharable among all Merck scientists. He also implemented new and novel hardware solutions for ELN, culminating most recently with a first Cloud-based solution used by external partner companies. Allan has also managed teams providing 'Book of Business' data analysis for research programs, and 'Lab Computing' support of technologies in laboratories.

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